Key deliverables:
Manufacture and injection moulding tool and components to replace a product sourced offshore


Manufacturer of aluminium skirtings used in a variety of commercial and residential dwellings.


Design and produce an injection moulding tool to meet the clients request to be supplied a quality component at a competitive price locally to replace their existing overseas supplier. The quality of components being supplied previously were becoming of poor standard and inconsistent from batch to batch.


Identified all the key areas including quality and price to ensure all of the clients requirements were met which was a true challenge given the components were currently being produced offshore. Value added by way of designing a new component that would replace multiple parts and enable the client to hold fewer configurations of stock on their shelf to meet their own customers needs.

Produced an injection moulding tool and component as to coincide with a large project the client was undertaking in a Gold Coast high rise apartment complex.


The client now has the opportunity to order and receive parts in a qty that is more flexible and pertains more to their specific needs rather then the bulk purchasing they had previously been committed to take. Since this first component we have been able to assist and put into production other components that have helped compliment their range of components that are manufactured locally.