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Key deliverables:
Design and Manufacture an injection moulding tool and produce components to replace a product that was currently on the market but not affordable due to the secondary processes involved to manufacture for end use.


Large manufacturer of Roto moulding powders and suppliers of water tank ancillary components.


Design and produce 3 separate injection moulding tools to cover a range of sizes as required to enable a more efficient manufacturing process. The current component was manufactured using a secondary process which was labour intensive and in efficient to produce. This in turn meant the component was overpriced for the end use and influenced the sales of the component significantly.


Identified all of the key criteria as required by the client and manufactured the 3 tools to service the range of sizes as required by the client. Our one process approach and design enabled the component to be manufactured substantially more efficiently which resulted in a much more marketable component which led to a large increase of volume and sales.


Since the release and subsequent success of this first project some 10 years ago the client has continued to entrust us to undertake further projects for them which has lead to them being a preferred and recognised supplier of water tank components with a large variety of ancillary products.