Ramjet Tooling was established in 2004 on the back of its main company Ramjet Plastics. The need to establish the tool room was driven by our clients desire to deal with one company that offered a full service moulding solution from cradle to the grave. 

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With greater than 25 years experience in the moulding and tooling business, Ramjet Tooling has the experience, knowledge and the equipment to help you take your concept design from "back of a napkin" to product delivery. Learning from our mistakes we've developed and honed our service delivery over many years so the user experience is simple, straightforward and cost effective. 

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A well equipped and modern facility based in the south west corridor of Brisbane, Ramjet injection moulding is easily accessible.

Ramjet injection moulding supports a full suite of services including concept drawings, computer aided drawings (CAD) and a range of prototyping options. 

 Once the component is drawn to its full extent, refined if required, we ensure the component is of optimum design to give the best manufacturing efficiency whilst not compromising any of the components features. The mould is drawn in a 3D design package to allow the use of our  custoCAD CAM software package to begin the manufacture of the mould.

The mould is manufactured by our team of highly skilled and trained tool makers utilising the latest in CNC machining centres, EDM ( electronic discharge machines ) along with a range of manual machinery. These moulds are manufactured precisely to the 3D design. 

With world best practices deployed and a results driven culture, Ramjet tooling has you covered.

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